About the Lab

The Lab launched in 2009 with an initial effort to map the current experience of college students and to identify opportunities for significantly enhancing the student experience. Learn more about this important phase of work.

  • Methodology

    Designers in the Lab use observational and ethnographic research, self-reporting, and interviewing to characterize the experience of current, former and prospective students at various ages and from diverse racial and socio-economic backgrounds.

  • Team

    Members of the Lab team come from diverse backgrounds and represent a spectrum of design, research and communication skills. The team leverages their unique skill sets to bring a fresh, multi-disciplinary perspective to their work.

  • Interviews and Conversations

    The Lab team share stories from the first phase of activity. In this series of short videos, learn about the origins of the project, the methodologies and approaches employed on a day-to-day basis and the lessons learned.

  • Collaborators

    In addition to the core team and satellite researchers around the country, the Lab team garners input and support from a Project Advisory Committee, education experts and advocates from all sides of the debate and students from over 30 schools.

BIF Experience Labs

Through projects in the BIF Experience Labs, we seek to help organizations collaborate across traditional boundaries to design, test and implement new systems-level solutions in areas like education, health care, and customer experience.

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