Experience Map

To better understand the student experience, navigate across these themes to hear from students who have shared their stories with us.

Fundamentals Chasing the Dream Planning the Future

We believe that the story of the student experience is one best told by students themselves. This “first draft” map of the current college student experience is based on interviews with students from all walks of life and at different stages of their academic career. We have captured their story using video, audio, photography and narrative as a first step towards revealing the human, environmental and systems-level factors that have the most significant impact on student success.

Navigating the System Managing Finances Institutional Fit

After speaking with students at more than 40 schools from across the country, we gathered thousands of data points related to student’s experience with academic, personal and financial components of the higher education system. While every student experience is in many ways unique, we identified nine experiential themes that tracked across demographics, geography and school and student-type.

You can explore these themes by navigating across this experience map.

Being in Class Relationships Leaving School

Students are telling us loud and clear: the system is broken. Students are making decisions with tragically little information about their options or the long-term consequences of their choices. Students are maxing out on debt and uncertain how to turn their dreams into a fulfilling career. And, schools are struggling to deliver affordable services that meet demand. To educate Americans at the scale and speed which we need, we must aggressively explore and experiment with new solutions that enable more students to get the education they need.